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I fell in love with Rolex at first sight when I was young. At that time, I loved the Blackwater ghost and longed for it day and night, but as a student, my wallet was cleaner than my face. After work, he was obsessed with breitling’s chronograph, but Rolex watch, like a first love, often haunted him in the dead of night. Buy it. Make it up to you as a teenager, but Rolex is in high demand now that the price has doubled. After being refused by counters, by table friends put pigeon, I fell into a meditation, water ghost, want to say love you is not easy. Youth is the only thing worth remembering. When I was young, I had no ability to have it. Even if I was in my arms now, I could still go back to the past. Flowers bloom again, people are no longer young, people grow, Rolex also grows.

Review the present stage of their own log may be more appropriate to their own a Lao. It happened that night that circle of friends have watch business issued 36 table diameter blue disc drill log, well, there is gold (into) there is drill (earn), meaning pretty good, so two days later this log with its shiny dog teeth came to my side. After four months of hard work, I was once left out in the cold. Suddenly, I felt that it was probably right to wear the five-bead chain once and for all. It was really very comfortable to wear the five-bead chain, and it was probably right to work more and get more.
Buying a Swiss watch is an expensive thing, and you will be bored with new things. Although there are a lot of watches on the hand now, already realized basically “left hold right embrace”, but still can look forward to the youth of coke circle, the delicious of the crab, the restraint of smoked green DD, covet the back of Lang Ge is thoroughly, PP is closed freely, indulge in the romance of van Ke Yabao, the grace of Jacques De Luo. Coquetty man, there is always a lonely heart, hope that one day they can do “cheat playing with women’s feelings of the man”, watch see a love a, love a can have a, but now or more restrained, cherish the present people, cherish what they have.

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