Nano Oxygen Water Injection Facial Sprayer Micro-nano High Pressure Moisturizing Steamer Skin Rejuvenation Water Hydrating Tool


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Brand Name: CkeyiN

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Spray Type: Cold Spray

Origin: CN(Origin)

Type: Facial Sprayer

Model Number: MR564L


1. Using micronization technology, it is decomposed into 5-180 micron molecules through a 0.3MM needle, which is easy to penetrate and more delicate.

2. Chip upgrade, two gears can be adjusted, one key easy adjustment: low gear, gentle absorption; high grade, deep hydration.

3. Through 125-140KPa high-pressure washing, neutralize the oil accumulated on the skin surface, optimize the skin microcirculation, and effectively absorb nutrients.

4. Say goodbye to a single mineral water spray, which can be sprayed casually with various nutrients such as toner, milk, and astringent.

5. The particle atomization technology injects moisture and essence into the base layer, which can quickly moisturize the skin and apply makeup to achieve the effect of skin tightening.

6. The water droplets are atomized at nanometer level, and the high pressure opens the cell gap and penetrates directly to the bottom of the skin, replenishing deeply.

7. Small and beautiful appearance, very convenient to carry.

8. One injection of oxygen and hydrating is equivalent to 5 hydrating masks, and only two drops of essence can be sprayed to the entire face. It can make full use and absorption of skin care products without waste, which is very cost-effective.



1. The thick stock solution needs to be diluted with pure water. Must be a flowable liquid.

2. When the instrument is working for a long time, the air pump will generate heat due to the high-speed operation. If you feel that the hardware connector and spray gun are hot, please stop using it and use it again after the instrument has cooled down.



Material: ABS+PC

Charging time: 3 hours (when charging, the indicator light flashes, and the indicator light is always green when fully charged)

Use time: the first gear can be used for about 50 minutes, the second gear can be used for about 35 minutes

Charging interface: TYPE-C

Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Charging voltage: 5V

Working voltage: 3.7V

Rated power: 5-10W

Gear position: two gears adjustable

Pressure: 125-140KPa

Flow rate: 7.0LPM

Uses: skin beautification, moisturizing, cleansing pores, diminishing fine lines, etc.

Use place: home, beauty salon, etc.

Power cord length: 50cm±2cm


Package Content:

Host *1

Spray gun*1

Nutrition pot*2

Power cord*1

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