Remote Control Electric Waist Massager Hot Compress Waist Slimming Belt Cordless Body Shaper Belly Burner Belt Pulse Weight Loss


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Brand Name: CkeyiN

Origin: CN(Origin)

Size: Medium

Model Number: MG098W

Certification: CE

Application: Waist

Material: ABS

1. The trinity of hot compress, low-frequency electric pulse, red light magnetic effect forms a complex energy field, which is a comprehensive massage for deep relaxation. 
2. Red light irradiation releases 600-650nm wavelength, penetrates the skin surface, directly acts on the lumbar spine, and helps relax the vertebrae and lumbar muscles.
3. One-machine dual-purpose – waist massage, shaping the abdomen,which can relieve stomach flatulence and menstrual pain.
4.9 gears of intensity adjustment, 5 artificial human massage modes, which can be selected according to different needs.
5. Using 3D smart fitting technology, the electrodes can be adjusted according to different waist and abdomen curves, making it more comfortable to use.
6. Designed according to ergonomics, beautiful and scientific, conforming to the waist and abdomen curve.
7. Wireless remote control, simple operation.
8. The remote control is rechargeable, no need to replace the battery, economically and environmentally friendly.
9. USB fast charge, fast charge, long battery life.

Material: ABS
Power: 5W
Host battery capacity: 1800mAh
Remote control battery capacity: 150mAh
Charging power supply: 5VDC 1A (USB)
Charging time: about 3 hours
Using time: about 5 hours (using the massage function)
Automatic timing: 15 minutes
Gear place: 9 gears
Modes: tapping, massage, tapping, knocking, combination mode
Hot compress temperature: 42℃ ± 2℃
Charging display: the indicator light is red when charging, and indicator light is off when fully charged
Power cord length: 47cm±2cm

a. Simultaneous use with other medical electronic equipment, such as pacemakers, electrocardiograms, etc., may cause danger.
b. Pregnant women, people with abnormal skin sensitivity, heart disease, hypertension, malignant tumors, severe cerebrovascular patients, etc. are prohibited from using this product.
c. Patients with cancer, epilepsy, or other functional disorders.
d. Patients with gastrointestinal bleeding, liver cirrhosis, spleen disease, etc.
f. Patients who have taken or injected drugs for a long time.
g. It is forbidden to use for patients with skin impaired perception or those who are not sensitive to heat.

Package Content:
1× Massager
1× Remote control
1× Power cord





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